Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Random Rants

My youngest was Baptised this past Sunday. It was a wonderful event. I will post the details of it on my other blog. Hubby and I were determined not to let family drama get in the way of our darling daughter's day. We did a pretty good job.

Hubby's oldest brother showed. We really didn't want him to come. How do I put it nicely...he's a jerk. He's one of those people who does things for show and wants all the attention on him. He's also racist...against white people and apparently mixed people, ie, MY CHILDREN. The day our first daughter was born the first questions he asked hubby was "What did you put her down as on her birth certificate?" Yeah, I'm not going to say anything else about that. It makes me too angry and upset. He drove up here, parked at gas station and waited for Hubby to pick him up so he could follow hubby to the church. Um, Dude, you've been to the church before and you're a grown a#% man. Then at the reception people noticed they were gone...one of the kids says they left. Without saying goodbye to anyone, not even his parents....We figure he wasn't getting enough attention. Oh well...no one really cared that he left, I mean we didn't want him there to begin with so it was cool with us. He was invited to our firstborns baptism and didn't show up at all AFTER he said he was coming over and over again. Didn't call, and never mentioned it. We're pretty sure the only reason he came to this one is to "prove" to his family that he isn't racist. Apparently they've been arguing about it for awhile now.

The Queen B & my lil bro also came down. She's about 3 months preggo now, but trying to hide her belly and not to gain any weight. Have I mentioned she's obsessed with weight. Any conversation with her will involve food/weight loss/how fat she is. Pair her with my mom who strives to impress her to know end. So when my mom is around the Queen B she separates herself from me--the Queen B doesn't like me so if mom is nice to me she might offend the Queen B--weird logic to me, but her logic--apparently mom has always tried to impress and befriend the "mean girls") When I was 3 months preggo and had a little tiny baby bump--that I was trying to show off--mom made it a point to call me huge--till the very end of my pregnancy in fact--when instead of calling me huge her favorite thing to say was, "If you fell over on a hill you'd just roll right down it" Nice mom, thanks. Way to boost my confidence in myself. Any way mom & the Queen B sat together and talked about how the B wasn't showing at all and how the B wanted her bump to stay tiny and invisible as long as possible. The Queen B & I are like oil and vinegar. We don't mix. I try to be nice to her at all times. She doesn't try. Since they found out they were expecting I've offered baby books, (turned down by the Queen B--as she looked down her nose at them), offered baby stuff--also turned down, and rather rudely by the Queen B) Anyway she was at our house after the Baptism and didn't speak to me, David, or the girls at all. Just sat with my mother and talked about how she hoped to stay tiny, the expensive stroller my mom bought her and the nursery chair she hopes my mother will buy her.

Now, my mother has bought us a lot for the girls. To me there are some differences though--

  1. I'm her natural born daughter...i think this entitles me to a little bit more than the Queen B--just my birth right
  2. We make A LOT less money than my bro (who is currently unemployed) and his wife...and when I say a lot less, I mean A LOT less. Granted we do this by choice, but that goes to number 3
  3. We made the decision to be broke/poor, etc... before having the girls...it was important to us that I stay at home and raise them. The Queen B & my bro are sending the babe to daycare @ 6 weeks old so they can have enough money to maintain their "lifestyle" (expensive vacations, clothes, cars, etc...)
  4. We never asked for or expected "The Best of the Best" and took whatever was offered to or given to us as hand me downs. The Queen B will not accept hand me downs or anything less than the best of the best to her...(by this she means the most expensive) (The stroller mom bought the Queen B is a Bugaboo)
  5. See # 1.

Must go nap now...I've been extremely tired the past few days. Hope I'm not sick...or anything else...you can't get preggo while you're nursing 2, right? Just kidding...I think...I mean we've only "done it" 1x since #2 was born...and I'm nursing like a million times a day...not possible, right? Assure me please...I really don't want to go waste money to POAS (Pee on a stick)


  1. Honey, it is ALWAYS worth the piece of mind to POAS! Always, you can get them at the dollar tree for $1. But it is unlikely. I don't know your SIL, but when I saw her on Sunday, I immediately knew who she was. She and your brother see like an odd couple, your brother is so smiley, and well, she just didn't seem very smiley :-)

    Consider yourself blessed that you are able to see that true happiness comes from love and family and Christ and not from fancy shoes, expensive vacations, and pedicures.

  2. April~It's so funny that you say that about my bro and the Queen B... the question I get asked most often about them is Why is Drew with her, lol, and it's usually people from church. She & him were married there, but she has not made a good impression on most--anyone that I know of--that goes to our church!

  3. Oh yes, April--I think I'm going to POAS, just have to wait until I can go to a Dollar Store without the 2 girls!

  4. Honey-I will go get you a stick to pee on tomorrow if you want me too and BRING it too you! A girl needs to know!