Monday, October 19, 2009

Sad kind of day

I'm having a sad kind of day. I really miss my brother. We got into a little facebook chat argument 2 weeks ago and he hasn't talked to me since. Really our relationship hasn't been the same since the Queen B came into his life, but that's another story. Anyway 2 weeks ago--the Monday after K's baptism I put some pictures up on fb. Of dh's and my wedding. I tagged everyone in them and then it came to the Queen B's pictures. I knew no matter what I did it would be wrong. If I didn't tag her it would be me being bitchy, yet if I tagged her she wouldn't like it. I tagged her and not 10 minutes later I get an email from my brother telling me she didn't like those pictures of herself and wanted me to remove the tag so no one would see them. (1 of these was actually a picture of me and her from my wedding that I put up trying to be nice)

Anyway my feelings were hurt, Queen B didn't care, of course, and in the end I typed to him in all caps, ITS A GD TWO WAY STREET. Somehow in our family it is ok for the Queen B to be, well, a Queen B, and everyone else is supposed to just accept it.

I've been really emotional the past few days anyway. I'm wondering if I'm about to start my cycle again. I've had cramping the past few days and some other symptoms (GOBS of EWCM).

There have also been major Mom issues and Mom dealing with her Mom issues today. Will have to go into those later...

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  1. I am so sorry that you had a falling out with your bro! I only have one sibling, my brother who is 4 years older than me, and I cherish that relationship with my FIRST best friend over all other friendships in my life. It would crush me to know that we were at odds, or that he had married someone who was just dead set on being ugly and mean to everyone. I can't imagine your frustration and heartache, but you have my sympathy and prayers darling!