Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last week (10/28) hubby and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. He took off the day before and the day of our anniversary and we had 2 of the best days ever. We had planned to go somewhere as a family and because of money concerns didn't go out of our town, but he got to come to story hour with us, and we went to a park, where a really loooong train went by while DD1 was watching and the conductor waved at her and blew the horn for her. She loved it. Seriously they were the best 2 days ever. That night I lay in bed so thankful for all that I had and so happy...but I was also waiting, I felt like we'd had soo many good times lately that the shoe had to drop...

Wow, I don't know if it was intuition or what but I've had a rough week. ***I just want to say that I'm healthy, my husband is healthy and the girls are healthy which would mean a great and awesome week for soo many people and that I'm so thankful for that. Seriously I am the only one who sits and reads the heartbreaking blogs of Moms who have lost pregnancies, babies and children and just crys and then goes to hold my little ones?*** A big shout out to one of my online friends who lost her 2nd pregnancy this week--my week doesn't even compare to that. (((HUGS)) & prayers to her.

I'm just having a week of so many silly little things going wrong. Hubby and I are having an "off" week as well. Are we the only ones who go through these times? Before we ever got married we talked about weeks, months and even years like this and decided that we were in in for the long haul. We both knew weeks like this would come up, but they still suck. There isn't even anything in particular going on, no big fights. Just little things. It seems as if the weeks that I need more and become more needy of him he shuts down and doesn't know how to be there and it turns into a cycle.

Would love to write more now, but DD2 is crying and DD1 must be fed.

Oh and I didn't give my mom the letter. After listening to some people close to me I just decided it wasn't worth it. My mom has been like this my entire life and isn't going to change. I am really going to have to work on changing my reactions to her. That is all I can control. Easy to say right now, lol!


  1. Ha! Seth and I are the SAME WAY! We go through spurts of extreme happiness and then suddenly things stall and we find ourselves not enjoying each others company very much. And the more I press the matter, the worse it gets :-) I just ignore it now and pretend that everything is good. Oh and a date night never hurts either, sometimes you really need to spend time together when you aren't in mommy and daddy mode and don't have any distractions.

  2. Oh, we all go through those weeks where things don't seem to go right. I think DH and I have one of the best marriages of all our friends and yet, there are times when things just don't seem to be right. Not a lot of fights, just not "together".